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Popular destinations in Cape Verde: Boa Vista, Brava, Maio, Mosteiros, Paul, Praia, Cabo Verde Ilhas do Sotavento Porto Novo, Ribeira Grande, Sal, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Sao Domingos, Sao Filipe, Sao Miguel, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente and Tarrafal.


Map: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.


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Cape Verde Map


Cape Verde is a country comprising the Cape Verde Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago consists of ten islands and five islets, which are divided into windward and leeward groups. The windward, or Barlavento, group on the north includes Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Santa Luzia, Sal, and Boa Vista; the leeward, or Sotavento, group on the south includes São Tiago, Brava, Fogo, and Maio.


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