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Antarctica is continent governed by the Antarctic Treaty System, signed in 1959, it entered into force in 1961, but not all countries recognize it.

Antarctica has a total area of 14 million km², mostly south of the Antarctic Circle. About 98% of its terrain is a thick continental ice sheet and 2% barren rock, with average elevations between 2,000 and 4,000 meters; mountain ranges up to nearly 5,000 meters. The highest point is Vinson Massif (4,897 m). There are no indigenous inhabitants, but there are both permanent and summer-only staffed research stations.



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A pair of humpback whale.


Icebergs in the Antarctica coast.



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Continent Antarctica





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Polar Aurora in Antarctica


Images Antarctica


Mount Erebus


Humpback whale



Mount Erebus





A black-backed gull fishing in Antarctica.


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Images of Antarctica



A rare are image of polar aurora close to South Pole, in a research station, Antarctica.


Black-backed gull