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Practice of capoeira in Salvador, the Bahian martial art.


Bahia is a state of Brazil, rich in mineral resources, beautiful beaches, Samba, Carnival and historical heritage. There is no other place like it. Land of João Gilberto, Jorge Amado and Glauber Rocha, among other famous people. The capital is Salvador, the first Brazilian capital.

Bahia is the land where Samba was born and it is the cultural heart of Brazil. Bahia is also a powerhouse in martial arts and sports in general. It is the land of capoeira. In the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, Bahian athletes won 3 gold medals.




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The biggest party on the Planet Earth is the Carnaval in Bahia, with more than two million people having fun.


Elevador Lacerda in the historic center of Salvador. It was the biggest public elevator in the world when it was inaugurated in the 19th century (right).


Wind farm in Sento Sé. Bahia is the leading Brazilian state in this type of technology (photo Manu Dias).


Poço Encantado (enchanted well) in Itaitê, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia.




Barra Lighthouse, the first in America, constructed in the 17th century, inside the Santo Antônio Fort, in Salvador.


Barra lighthouse


Wind farm


Itacarezinho beach, in Bahia coast.


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Beach in Itanhém river, Alcobaça, southern coast of Bahia.




Cachoeira do Dino (on the right), a waterfall in Iguaí, Bahia (photo Rita Barreto). Bahia is a place of great natural beauty.


Elevador Lacerda




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Bahia is a state of Brazil rich in mineral resources, beautiful beaches, samba, carnival and historical heritage and capoeira. However, the guys do not forget to take off steam / spirit on the site


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