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Palace of Versailles, located in the city of Versailles, Īle-de-France. Initially, a private retreat for Louis XIII, it was transformed by Louis XIV into a great complex and official royal residence in 1682. In the photo, above, the chapel at Versailles, built by Robert de Cotte, 1710.





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Statues in the Louvre Museum. The muse Melpomene, holding a tragic mask, is at the center.


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Palace of Versailles

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Paris Museum



 Saint Raphael Beach, French Riviera

Mont Saint Michel

Notre Dame de Reims


Notre Dame de Reims. Its construction started in 1211. Reims was the place of several coronations of kings of France.


Mont Saint Michel, in the Normandy Coast. The rocky islet is a famous sanctuary, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in 1979.


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Saint Raphael Beach, French Riviera, in the Mediterranean coast.