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A picturesque city and a popular tourist destination in California. Tourist attractions include the Embarcadero, cable cars, bridges over the Bay, Chinatown, parks, museums and art galleries.


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San Francisco


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Examples of traditional architecture, in Victorian style in San Francisco (photo Craig Buchnan).


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The Golden Gate Bridge with the city of San Francisco in the background (photo STF).



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Cable cars are still a popular means of transportation in San Francisco (photo SFCVB).


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Sea lions in the San Francisco waterfront (photo J. Hollingsworth / SFCVB).


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Stow Lake in San Francisco' Golden Gate Park (photo J. Lee Hayes / SFCVB).


San Francisco park


Sea lions


Cupid's Span installed in 2003 on the Embarcadero at the base of Folson Street (photo Bob Ecker / SFCVB).








Images of San Francisco


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