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Waterton town site, Waterton Lakes, Alberta.



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São Francisco


Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City.


Manhattan Skyscrapers


Great Lakes


Washington D.C.


White House


San Francisco


Family on a dog mushing ride with Chugach Express Dog Sled Tours in Girdwood, Alaska (© State of Alaska/Matt Hage).




Illinois, Chicago


South Loop River in Chicago, the third largest city of United States.


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Waterton Lakes


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Banff Forest


M. Bowen


Palace Mexico


Skyscrapers in Manhattan, New York City.




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North America


Greenland - This spectacular north looking view of south Greenland shows numerous indentations along the coastline, many of which contain small settlements. These indentations are fiords carved by glaciers of the last ice age. Even today, ice in the center (NASA). Greenland is the biggest island of the world, with an area of 2,175,600 km². It is also the least densely populated: only 3 people per 100 km².


Horseback riders in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada.


The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island bask in the moon’s milky glow over San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge's two tapered towers, sculpted in the Art Deco style of the 1930s, were once the tallest bridge towers ever built, soaring 65 stories above San Francisco Bay.

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Images of North America


White House, Washington DC.


World Trade Center








The old view of Manhattan, with World Trade Center destroyed in 2001.








Courtesy Illinois Office of Tourism