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The Atlantic Ocean lies between North America and South America on the west and Europe and Africa on the east. To the north, the Atlantic Ocean connects to the Arctic Ocean and to the Southern Ocean to the south. It covers about 20 % of the surface of the Planet, being the second largest ocean basin in the world, following only the Pacific. Its name was named after the Greek god, Atlas. The Atlantic Ocean is divided into two parts at about 8°N, by the Equatorial Counter Current, with the North Atlantic Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic is home to a diverse array of sea life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and turtles.



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Isabel's Eye. Hurricane Isabel, photographed from the International Space Station, barreling towards Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (September 15, 2003). Weather over the North Atlantic is mostly determined by wind currents and air masses emanating from North America.


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North Atlantic Ocean in the Globe


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