Chile, South America (image above) as seen from the Apollo 7 spacecraft, in October 1968, during its 81st revolution of the earth from an altitude of 120 nautical miles. The port city of Antofagasta, Chile, is located in the half-moon shaped bay in the lower left portion of the picture. Beyond the coast is the Andean peak of Liullaillaco Volcano which rises 22,000 ft above sea level. At left center is the Chuquicamata copper mines located near Coloma. At the center of the photo, behind the large salt lake and atop a 19,000 ft high volcano, the countries of Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile meet at a common point. Below the clouds in the upper portion of the photo are the great plains known as the Gran Chaco (NASA).





Iguacu Falls


Tourists visiting the giant statues of Easter Island.



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The Andes Mountains and northern Chile (NASA). The Andes is a mountain system with about 8,900 km from the southern tip of South America to the continent's northernmost coast on the Caribbean Sea.


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Amazon River, Brazil


Mouth of Amazon River, Brazil (NASA).


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