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Sailing in Salvador, Bahia. The historic city was one of the first European settlements in America, started around 1510. Today, it is a modern place, but plenty with historic heritage and wonderful beaches.


The wonderful Planet Earth can surprise you, in many ways, with its different and fascinating attractions. The sea, land and sky have different characteristics with time and location around the world.


Beach in Porto Seguro, Brazil




Beach Bahia Brazil


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Salvador Bahia


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Victorian architecture in San Francisco, the charming city in California.


Folk Village exhibit in Oslo, Norway, Europe.


An Adélie penguin colony in Antarctica.




Tōshō Shrine at Nikkō, Japan.


Inside the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA. One the biggest tourist destinations in the world.


Robinson world


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San Francisco California


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Blyde River Canyon in the Kruger National Park (photo JB).




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Kruger Park



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